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We are capable of accepting virtually any form of data and generating completely made-up pages including all running heads, folios, footers, tables and graphics.                                        

Our client base includes academic & reference publishers, pharmaceutical companies, telephone & manufacturers directory publishers, associations and a variety of industrial publishers.      

Our Services Include:

  • Many types of Catalogs, Directories, Reference Books & Price Lists
  • Specialists in College & University Faculty/Staff/Student Directories
  • Specialists in Association Membership Directories
  • Custom Database Applications
    • (eg: Analyses, Reports, Mailings, Special Extractions & Derivative Publications)
  • File Generations in: PDF, PostScript, SGML, HTML & XML
  • SGML Conversions
  • Adobe FrameMaker Expertise
  • Web Page Design & Composition
  • Specialized Sort Routines & Sophisticated Alphabetic Case Conversions

Extensive Datafile Facilities:

PageCentre has programming staff experience totaling nearly 30 years. We have worked with virtually every type of media and logical data structure and have developed 'subroutines' which allow us to 'plug-in' to those databases and access their data content with minimal time and expense. We have also developed specialized systems which allow us to readily accept and process the following:

  • SGML Databases
  • MARC (Library of Congress) databases
  • Many proprietary Bell System databases
  • IBM blocked variable EBCDIC files
  • Standard ASCII CSV files (comma or tab separated values)
  • Nonstandard delimited ASCII & EBCDIC files
  • All blocked & unblocked fixed field record formats
  • Microsoft Word & Excel files

We can accept complex databases or groups of databases and provide all programming & sorting necessary to assemble a desired publication. Clients often provide us several 'component' databases, authority files, and lookup tables which are all referenced by the custom application program specifically written for each publication.

Custom Camera Ready Options

We can set up a custom output environment for our clients whereby we deliver to them Adobe Framemaker output files. With these files our clients have the advantages of greater control and reduced expense in producing their publications.

  • Print internal proof sets on the client's own printers
  • Make all last minute text corrections
  • Make any desired design changes
  • Add graphics and artwork to the pages.
  • Adjust formats to achieve a target number of pages
  • Prepare the final output version of the publication in any desired format including
  • Postscript, PDF, HTML, XML or laser paper.

Derivative Publications

From the supplied customer databases, we are often required to generate various additional publications or indices from the original dataset. Once we have built our internal databases, we can easily generate additional publications as subsets of the original supplied datafiles. Indices can also be easily generated and can include references to a principal section by keyword or page number.

Mailing Address:
PageCentre, Inc.
P.O Box 28600
Tempe, AZ 85285

Shipping Address:
PageCentre, Inc
2036 S. El Camino Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: (480) 838 - 8300



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