Data Submission

Types Of Media That We Can Accept

  • CD-ROM (IBM Format)
  • Zip Disks (up to 100 Mb, IBM or Mac Format)
  • FTP Retrievable Files
  • E-mail Attached file (PKZip or WINZip)
  • 3-1/2" Floppy Diskettes (IBM Format)

Types Of Logical Datafiles That We Can Accept

  • Standard ASCII CSV files (comma or tab separated values)
  • Nonstandard delimited ASCII & EBCDIC files
  • All blocked & unblocked fixed field record formats
  • Microsoft Word & Excel files
  • SGML Databases
  • MARC (Library of Congress) databases
  • Many proprietary Bell System databases
  • IBM blocked variable EBCDIC files
  • All files that are sent as an attachment to e-mail must be in a 'PKZip' or 'WINZip' compressed format.

How To Name Your Datafile

  • The files should be named so that they relate to the contents and the name of the institution who sent them.
  • Please try to limit file names to 8 characters plus a 3 character extension. This procedure ensures that the file will be compatible across many platforms.

How To Send Your Files

  • If you are sending physical media such a cd-rom, diskettes or sample publications, please mail to:

    PageCentre, Inc.
    2036 S. El Camino Drive
    Tempe, Arizona 85282

  • If you are sending data via email, please email to:


        • Please be sure to compress your datafile using pkzip or winzip and attach to your email.
        • Please inlcude in your email message complete detail regarding the file:
          • Description of the file
          • Indiction whether data is Test or Production
          • Name of sender with Phone number
          • Number of records or listings in file
          • Total size of file
  • If you are sending data via FTP, please call Production Manager for instructions at:

(480) 838-8300

Mailing Address:
PageCentre, Inc.
P.O Box 28600
Tempe, AZ 85285

Shipping Address:
PageCentre, Inc
2036 S. El Camino Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: (480) 838 - 8300



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