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PageCentre is a privately held Arizona corporation formed in 1985. The founders, inspired by the continual struggle of traditional companies to remain competitive, determined to establish PageCentre as a "new breed" in typesetting service bureaus ... a company engineered from the ground up with the latest software and most cost efficient hardware systems available.

In the early years, PageCentre successfully developed a "main-frame" class production capability on a mini computer platform. This computer system offered dramatic cost savings in space, environmental, power and maintenance requirements.

Today, PageCentre has implemented a seamless work flow approach using new personal computer hardware and new software systems which reduce application development time to a small fraction of the time previously spent on earlier platforms. Now PageCentre is able to offer large scale publishing services with incredibly fast turnaround and at prices often substantially lower than the competition.

We have successfully developed several important new technological capabilites including custom SGML filters, complete 'camera-ready' electronic output options and the development of specialty production systems for vertical markets such as college & association directories.

Much of our history is yet to be written. The new millennium poses new challenges to continue to respond to customer needs and to explore new markets. Economy-driven pressures on the publishing industry and emerging new technologies will challenge both publishers and vendors alike.

PageCentre's commitment is to remain as close to the leading edge of pre-press & electronic technologies as is possible without compromise to our financial strength or to our ability to continue offering high quality reliable services to our customers. PageCentre plans to be ready to assist you with all your needs ... whether tradtional services, outsourcing or needs yet to be defined.

Mailing Address:
PageCentre, Inc.
P.O Box 28600
Tempe, AZ 85285

Shipping Address:
PageCentre, Inc
2036 S. El Camino Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: (480) 838 - 8300

Email: pagctr1@pagecentre.com

Website: www.pagecentre.com

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